How To Secure Your House With Some Free Or Inexpensive Precautions

Since when I started this blog, I’m being asked quite often how to know if this or that house is really secure or if it’s a sort of paradise for burglars. To reply to this question we need to understand first:

How Do Thieves And Burglars Act Just Before Targeting Your Home?Home Safety

Professional burglars perform a long series of scouting tours for a long time, lurking and studying your movements, the weak points of your house and intercepting and jotting down a series of details. Among other things, they also try to call you on the landline at home at different times of the day (frequent calls without reply are already a warning sign).
When they are quite sure of their data and the time of the day when the house is generally empty, they make their strike.

How To Know If Your House Is Secure And What Can Do To Increase My Home Safety

Although there are no universal replies to this question, there are however some checks to perform first and some precautions to apply after.


  1. Are the fences and walls around the house offer a foothold to climb? Put yourself in the hypothetic situation where you lost your keys and try to reach your front door or window.
  2. Is the upper edge of the fence protected with bollards or barbed wire?
  3. Does the garden or courtyard door offer a spatter guard and an easy to break lock? An anti-burglary lock costs just a few bucks, get one!Home Security System
  4. Is the garden door or courtyard in case of a condo, in constant visual contact from the inside of the house?
  5. Are eventual trees too close to doors, stairs and windows? In that case trim them properly.
  6. Are the outdoor spaces often in the dark? A low consumption outdoor light cost just a jew bucks. Get one or more!
  7. Is it easy to access the electric switches from the outside?
  8. Are the lighting cables, the alarm system and the telephone cables buried underground?


  1. Always lock the door when you leave, even if for just a few minutes. One of the burglary techniques is simply waiting outside for the moment you leave. As simple as it may sound, it is still one of the main ways to break in.
  2. Avoid leaving the keys under the carpet (they are the first place they go to look for)
  3. Empty or ask some neighbor to, the mailbox when you are away to avoid the suspect that you’re absent.
  4. Inform the neighbors about your absence and leave them your telephone number, so they know that if they see someone around the house, it’s not normal and they can call you.
  5. Home Safety Timerinstall a timer in the house that switches on the lights every evening, included the garden if you have one. This is and remain a very good deterrent and as for the items before, a timer for the switches is really inexpensive. Get one!
  6. It goes without saying that the best option remains an adequate Home Security Alarm System.

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