About Me

The Home Security GuyEddy Dantes here.

I’m an accountant and I live in Minneapolis. I Experienced a big break in into my home which led me to open this blog about Home Security, in order to help everyone who faced the same or is concerned about it, letting them know that a home break is possible to prevent with the right tools. I firmly believe that your house mush be your oasis where you feel safe in every moment of your life, while away as well as when you are sleeping with your family inside. It is my job to protect them and I don’t want to rely on the fate for this.

My research let me to the write about this topic and hopefully you can get some benefit from my experience. If so, don’t hesitate to let me know please. It’s my purpose in life to make people safer now and nothing would make happier than knowing that I did the same for you.

I talk more in detail about my story here ==> Fortress S02-F: How This Home Alarm System Changed My Life. (My Review)