Fortress S02-F: How This Home Alarm System Changed My Life. (My Review)

I Never Thought About A Home Security Alarm System, Before That Night…

It was about five pm on a Friday when I left work looking forward to a relaxed evening with my wife. I drove into my driveway and headed straight for my door. What I saw shook me to my roots. The gate to my house was wide open, and so was the front door. It was quite unusual because my partner would not be back at that time. I walked into the house and was dumbfounded.home security Everything was scattered on the floor, my television set (a wedding gift) was gone and so was the music system. I prayed under abated breath that they had not touched anything in my bedroom but that was not the case. My wife’s jewellery too was gone! I was too shocked to even to call the police.
I wondered how I would explain to my son that his radio controlled race car had been stolen too. My son was quite particular with his belongings and had developed an interest in these model cars; he would be devastated by the news. I just felt lucky that the burglars did not come in when we were around. They could have harmed our kids.

Why Should You Get A Home Security System Even If You Feel Safe In Your Neighborhood

Home Security SystemI had always contemplated getting an alarm system for my house, but for one reason or another I kept on postponing. The burglary was a wake-up call, never would I want a repeat of the same or worse still having my family harmed. We got lucky that one time and there was no assurance of getting lucky the second time. It was about time I beefed the security of our house.
I decided to purchase the most secure alarm systems available in the market to ensure that my family and I would never experience such a horrifying experience. I did some researches and I learned that is important to look at your house set up first before choosing the Security System. This allows you to find a product that serves your needs. It also offers you the choice of selecting from a variety. You would also want to ensure that you get your system from a licensed security provider ONLY.

Types of Alarm Systems

I discovered that there are several brands on the market. Some large companies allow you to buy the system directly or from their authorized dealers who would then oversee the installation. Certain dealers sell the product directly, and you would have to install the systems yourself. I chose this option and after documenting myself enough I went for the Fortress S02-F.

Fortress S02-F Home Security System

Boy was this easy to install! The manuals and guide is extremely understandable also for a person like me who has the manual skills of a caterpillar.
Having your house monitored from a central station may mean more costs, sure, but the real reason why I didn’t go for it is different. It doesn’t do you any good. The patrol will arrive at the same time as if you call them and frankly with the Home Alarm System I’m proposing you, you’ll be able to do it wherever you are. How? By installing an alarm with an ear-piercing sound and have your house monitored so that you can be alerted of any unusual movements. Had I put a monitoring system I would have rushed home in good time that day, preceded by the Police.


Why With The Fortress S02-F Home Security System You Can’t Go Wrong

I discovered that systems with wireless communications were ideal as compared to the wired ones. The wired systems are becoming obsolete in the last few years. It is also essential to have a system with backup batteries in case of power outages.
With the advent of technology, there’s now what is known as the smart home ecosystem. Increased automation enables systems to work by themselves, for instance, security lights instantly lighting when a person approaches the building. Security systems are now more than alarms; you can set up your system such that you are notified via a monitoring app on your phone when someone rings your bell. Wit the Fortress S02-F Home Security System you receive notifications via text messages or emails when someone breaks into your home. You then decide whether to call the security or declare a false alarm.

home securityThe Fortress S02-F Home Security System also has carbon monoxide detector. Such detectors protect you from the risk posed by the gas, which is not only due to a leakage, but also to the burglars which use gas to put you asleep through the key hole, before entering. Scary uh? Better be prepared.

Additionally, it can be customized to your needs. If for instance, you have pets which keep moving around, you can have the system designed in a way that reduces false positives.

The Best Thing is that is Money Back Guaranteed

money back guaranteedI asked myself: If they offer such a high tech Security System with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, they must be pretty darn sure that their device work, right?

Well, they are, because even after you installed and performed all the tests and full 30 days of use, if for any reason (which I honestly cannot think now out of my head, for my review) you decide that the Fortress S02-F is not for your you can simply put it in the box and ship it back for a full refund, and I mean in full, not one cent less that what you paid, even if you used it for the 30 days in a row and you removed all the labels from the sensors.


Fortress S02-F Home Security System is the answer to a family’s security needs. After my dreadful encounter, I know better the importance to install an efficient security system in my house, so much so that I bought it for my mum and my sister too. The presence of surveillance can actually act as deterrence. Burglars run away when they notice that a home is secured with an alarm system. Guaranteed.

Home Security System

Q: Is this System a definitive solution or do I need to purchase other stuff?

A: not at all, the Fortress S02-F comes with everything you need to secure your house

Q: Is it difficult to install?

A: I wish you could know my manual skills (I’m an accountant) to know that If I installed it on my own, everybody can. The instructions couldn’t be clearer.

Q: Did you have other breaking in attempt where you could test the system?

A: My sister did. She got an immediate notification, and she called the police. The neighbour advised her also that the high decibel siren started correspondently when she got the notification. The police didn’t find anyone except a scratch on the main door beside the handle. We can only assume that the burglars got scared and left.

Q: Where can I purchase the Fortress S02-F?

A: You can buy it with free shipping directly by the manufacturer clicking here